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BSPS Area4b Ltd Great Ponton Show 2012 07/05/2012
Pre Entry Fees:- R.I.H.S classes £27 - OTHER classes £10
Pre Entries Close 01/05/2012
On the day Fees:- R.I.H.S classes £37 - OTHER classes £15
1. Fill in your contact details below.

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2. Add your entries below (clicking "Add an Entry" to add a new row). Enter "NA" in any fields which are not applicable to you.

Class No. * Pony's Name * Height *Please enter the height in the format:- 14 2
Rider's Name * Owner's Name * Hunter DetailsPlease enter the Sire, Dam and Reg No. of your Hunter.
For non hunters please enter NA.
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3. Once you have added all the required entries, please click on "British Red Cross"     
     contribution button and this will add a £2 contribution per rider.
4. Next, click "Check Out with Paypal" to make your payment via the Paypal website.
5. IMPORTANT: When you have completed your payment on Paypal please click on
     "Return to BSPS Area4b Ltd" to complete the process and return here.